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Rockland Immunochemicals Inc - Specializing in antibodies and antibody based tools for basic research
Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. offers each academic, biopharma, and diagnostic professional thousands of antibodies with the aim of providing the right antibody that is the perfect fit for every occasion.... Suppliers
Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Midwest 2017
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MDBR White Paper Recommendations

Rockland’s antibodies for PCa biomarker NAG detection By Rockland Immunochemicals Inc
The nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drug‐activated gene (NAG1) or GDF‐15 or MIC‐1, is of the TGF-βsuperfamily of cytokines. A correlation of the most common position 6 histidine‐to-aspartate (H6D) polymorphism is associated with sporadic and familial cases of PCa, and the allelic H6D variation of NAG1 is an independent predictor of metastasis.... White Papers Validating Antibodies for Western Blotting By Rockland Immunochemicals Inc
Validating an antibody is not the same as characterizing an antibody. Validating an antibody means that you have determined the antibody’s sensitivity for the target, its specificity for off target binding and its reproducibility, especially to demonstrate that the antibody’s properties are consistent from lot-to-lot.... White Papers The Antibody Dilemma By Rockland Immunochemicals Inc
The antibody dilemma presents two alternatives: 1) continue touse antibodies of uncertain quality, or 2) usedemanding molecular alternatives to clonal antibodies. The solution is for both researchers using antibodies and companies sellingantibodies to understand the process of validationand embrace the concept of fit-for-purpose reagents.... White Papers AKT Isoform-specific Monoclonal Antibodies By Rockland Immunochemicals Inc
Rockland has created a panel of monoclonal antibodies to AKT isoforms suitable for probing lysates and pharmacodynamic studies. Our AKT isoform specific monoclonal antibodies represent novel tools for AKT signal pathway research. These reagents are suitable for use in expression studies and pharmacodynamic assays.... White Papers Lyme Disease - The current situation & our solutions By Rockland Immunochemicals Inc
Rockland’s solution engages the evasive nature of B. burgdorferi and its life-cycle changes and allows for the detection of the unique response of each individual patient. To achieve this Rockland has created a research toolbox matrix that specifically addresses the 3 known phases of infection; early, latent, and chronic.... White Papers See more
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